There is ONE reason your child should dance above all the others and it isn’t what you think.

I could rattle off many reasons your child should dance (in fact I have):

  • Improve posture
  • Increase flexibility
  • Musicality
  • Muscle memory
  • Develop coordination
  • Strengthen balance
  • Develop rhythm
  • Learn to follow instructions
  • Culturally enrich their lives
  • Plus so many more

But I think there is a more important reason that your child should dance.

Why you should enrol your YOUNG child into dance isn’t about the benefits right now….its about the future benefits.

You see, one day your little person grows into a big person. Little people have little people problems that can be fixed with a hug or a bandaid. Big people have big people problems and those are not always easy. In fact, they’re damn hard.

But dance, dance can be their safe place.

For so many teenagers navigating this complex world, dance is a space that is constant, it is safe, it is known and it is, for most kids, a consistent space they’ve known their entire lives with consistent adults they respect and love. And equally importantly, adults who respect and love your kids in return. This relationship with their dance teachers means your child always has a safe person outside their family they can turn to. A safe haven in which they can put their issues aside and just be.

So when they feel the world isn’t on their side or when their friends at school are definitely not on their side, they have dance friends. They have a studio where they literally have to forget their problems or they’ll trip over their own feet…so they do forget problems. For that blissful hour or hours they get to forget their problems and they just exist in this space of dance. It’s such a luxury and you can actually give that to your child by enrolling them in dance.

I am biased here but dance students also generally make good school students…they’ve learnt from a young age that preparation is everything. That practice makes progress. They get to live and do it through dance and they easily apply it to school. Through dance, you get a teenager that knows what work ethic is! And applies it.

Dance students are also passionate human beings. They LOVE dance. Dance students LOVE dance so much they’ll forgo that party (sometimes anyway). They LOVE dance so much they’ll skip hanging out at Bondi Junction and go straight to dance! There’s little room left for them to just hang around getting into strife because they’re busy at dance…and when they’re not at dance, they’re practicing or they’re just too tired!

So THE reason you enrol your kids in dance is because one day they’ll be teenagers.