Our ballet school reviews and kind words from current and former parents

If you are looking for the best ballet school reviews, the only place to find them is from the mouths of current and former parents. Our students and parents become an extended part of the Academy Ballet family – and here are their stories.

My experience with AB is unique but then I believe each student and parent’s child is a unique one because AB treats each child as an individual. You, Miss Sinead, actually get to know each and every child.

– Sarah Ingham (Giselle, Inez & Domino’s mum)

The school provides children with more than just a dance class but a sense of belonging outside their school. Friendships are formed and personalities tested whilst the kids are exposed to an appreciation of not only ballet but to music in general. The school embraces the history of ballet which encourages the girls to not just dance but understand the beauty behind the traditions. It nourishes their soul through movement.

-Kate (Ava’s mum)

I believe this Academy has great teachers and Miss Sinead is very passionate about the learning and growing of her school. This has been shown by your attitude and commitment to the Academy and the girls. I feel great knowing that my girls are in a school where the teachers show concern not only to the learning but to the care of my girls. The Academy Ballet is a professional standard school where you can know that your child will learn and achieve their best in whatever area of dance they choose to do.

– Sophia & Violet’s mum

We chose Academy Ballet to provide our girls with quality teaching of traditional ballet, where skills and technique were an important part of the classes. The girls feel safe and happy here, I like that parents are not excluded and staff are approachable. It’s a family type feeling where the girls are exposed to positive relationships between staff and peers. I didn’t expect my 3 year old to retain as much as she does, but she loves going, she remembers her exercises and she has improved, so it’s definitely helping her with both skills and retaining of knowledge.

– Natalia (Elyssa & Amber’s mum)

After trialling another dance school (which was a class full of young girls running around aimlessly), Vienna and I both loved how the trial class we attended was structured, disciplined and that all the girls were wearing a uniform. The learning and development partnership between Sinead & Vienna and Sinead and myself is worth more than anything on the list above. I have told Sinead many times that what she and her school do for my children goes well and truly beyond dancing. Specifically Vienna. Vienna is not just a student at AB. Vienna is a ‘person’ that Sinead has invested time, care, love, thought, development, teaching into. A professional and ethical dance school which we love and would highly recommend.

– Annette (Vienna & Amaya’s mum)

Care and love – human touch – a home away from home. Academy Ballet is a great ballet school – with perfect balance of discipline and heart. With high quality teaching – perspective and honest advice for parents. As parents, we appreciate your insight into my children and situations.

– Louise (Teya & Scarlett’s Philips)

As soon as we walked into Academy Ballet it was very welcoming, warm and felt like a home environment. We knew that this was and still is the perfect place for my daughter to be spending most of her after school hours activities.

Sinead and her team are like second mothers to our children. They bend over backwards for them and have the children’s best interests as a priority. The rapport that is built with each teacher and student is extremely unique which provides the girls with self-esteem and confidence. My daughter has been at Academy Ballet since she was 3, her posture, discipline and passion to dance has contributed to who my daughter is today.

– Debbie, (Dendy’s Mum)

I first enrolled at Academy Ballet because I’d heard that you were the real deal! We found a level of professionalism and level of expectation that promotes discipline. (and no gaudy costumes!!) Academy Ballet has high standards and will give every child their best chance to develop their technique and move onwards. I am so happy with the way my Daughter has embraced Ballet, she has made good friends and loves working hard.
You can’t put a price on that!

– Margaret, (Heidi’s Mum)

I had been chatting to people in the industry and people had given me options of where to go. The final decision was the fact that your teaching staff were of a high calibre, the caring friendly atmosphere in the studios, teachers that care about your children and look after their best interests and well being. I like the understated calm that surrounds the atmosphere in the studio with a focus on learning dancing, not on attending endless eisteddfods. High calibre teachers and staff that care about your child’s body and what is best for them in the future and beyond.

– Amanda (Lauren and Bella’s mum)

There is a real sense of community at Academy Ballet. It is an enjoyable studio for students and parents to interact. The sense of organisation and attention to detail in everything Academy Ballet is involved in is also very reassuring for parents. I always feel very safe dropping my child off to the studio and know that she is in excellent hands. A sleek, modern studio with timeless traditions and enormous heart, mentoring children on their journey through dance into adulthood.

Ballet is really the greatest gift that you can give your child. This is especially evident in the teenage years. Ballet has a positive effect on body strength, memory, musicality, grooming, friendships, perseverance, performance, posture, time management, self confidence and resilience. Not to mention the pretty tutus, tiaras and pointe shoes! The joy that your child gains from ballet is priceless. The personalised service provided to each student, high quality teaching and excellent reputation.

– Jodie (Maddy’s mum)