Have you found yourself walking aimlessly?

Needing to leave the house so going for yet another walk with little to no purpose?

We’ve just found a purpose and I’ve never been happier for post boxes! And it keeps Ash busy for a little while so I can continue with the mammoth task of taking my ballet studio online (….more about that later).

We’ve gathered the addresses of Ash’s friends that live in our neighbourhood. The great thing about to the local public school is everyone lives locally!!

She makes cards for them…busy time whilst she decides exactly what she wants to draw for each person. Busy times writing their names out and deciding what she can write on their cards.

And then we walk with great purpose to their houses to drop off cards.

I’ve never been more grateful for a mission!

And the best part, now her friends are reciprocating and we’re getting mail that isn’t just bills & spam. Hooray!

What activities have you dreamed up?

I’d love to hear!