We are old school when it comes to ballet uniform and hair for ballet classes.

There are some traditions that we have done away with but uniform isn’t one of them!

That is because uniform and traditional ballet buns in ballet classes serve multiple purposes beyond mere appearance:

Mindset Shift – putting on the uniform helps children transition mentally from their daily activities to the focused mindset of a dancer, even at a young age

Identity & Confidence – looking the part fosters a sense of identity and confidence as a dancer. When a child is confident they will flourish!

Preparation & Discipline – it teaches children the importance of preparation & discipline. By requiring them to get ready for class and leaving enough time to dress and style their hair

Focus & Comfort – hair in a ballet bun ensures they hair is our of their face. This allows them to focus wholly on their movements without distraction or discomfort.

Sense of Belonging – uniforms create a sense of belonging and unity within our dance community, making students feel like part of a family and a team.

Equity & Unity – uniforms promote equality among our kids, emphasising that we are all part of the same community and puts them on a level playing field (or studio!) to start class. They create a sense of equality among dancers regardless of their background or socioeconomic status. 

Respect – Ballet is an art form with a rich history and tradition. Wearing correct uniform and hair for ballet classes shows a respect for the art form. The specific attire contributes to the aesthetics of ballet as an art form. Uniforms enhance the visual appeal of performances and maintain the historical integrity of ballet.

Essentially, our uniform and ballet bun requirements serve as practical tools for fostering discipline, focus, confidence, and a sense of belonging among young dancers.