I had a distressing phone call yesterday.

It’s one I receive all too often.

A parent, who is stressed & doing their very best for their child, asking me to help them fit ballet into their schedule.

The conversation always goes the same way. Mum is anxious that she can’t fit ballet into the schedule cos the class clashes with another activity and is there another day for that class. 

Yes! Is my reply…but alas child can’t attend that day either.

So I ask, what days is she free?

Mum rattle off activity list and I am honestly exhausted just hearing it.

Ballet, dance, little athletics, violin, nippers, little athletics, tutoring, netball…..

My advice here is ALWAYS the same and completely goes against my best interests as a business owner that wants students in classes.

My advice is: stop ballet.

Or stop something.

Please, give your child a day off. Let them be bored.

Across the 20 or so years I have been teaching I can tell you that over-scheduled kids have one thing and one thing only in common.

It isn’t passion.

It isn’t drive or commitment or persistence.

They are tired. TIRED!

And later in life, they haven’t learnt what drives them or motivates them. They’ve just learnt to keep on keeping on. 

Please give your child a day off or 2 every week. Time when they are bored. Time when they’re off devices. 

Space to breathe.

And space to just be.