I have to say in the middle of Iso I wondered what it was all for.

Not life but work. My studio. Was it worth it?

It hurt to think it but teaching online just didn’t cut it.

Then last week happened and my studio breathed life again.

And I remembered my why.

These kids are my why…

After 118 days away from the studio they danced like this in their first class back!!!

Most of these girls I have taught since they were 3. They typify who I envisage your child will be one day.

(Yes, when your child walks into my studio at 3 years old I am imagining them at 17).

You look and you see beautiful dancers.

But I look and I see:

  • hardworking
  • diligent
  • persistent
  • kind
  • passionate
  • integrous
  • inspired & inspiring
  • accountable
  • compassionate
  • empathetic
  • fun
  • adaptable
  • and resilient human beings who are also beautiful dancers.

So my studio breathed again and I remembered my why.