Why did you choose to come to Academy Ballet?

Matilda had outgrown her tiny tot ballet school. Her principal asked me to find a good ballet school for her to continue her studies under the tutelage of well instructed classical ballet teachers. I chose Academy because of its history and reputation for ballet excellence.

How did you first hear about Academy Ballet? (for some of you that might be a while ago!!)

First I did a Google search of ballet schools close to us. Then I checked the website. Then I asked teachers at The McDonald College Summer School what their recommendations were and they all agreed that Academy Ballet was a reputable ballet school and a good choice.

What is something that Academy Ballet offers you that you feel you wouldn’t get anywhere else? (can be physical, a feeling or a service etc)

Academy Ballet offers first class teachers, teachers who have worked with the best ballet companies in the world. It is their obvious passion and dedication to all students which is noticeable the moment you enter through the door. A faculty that shows a deep satisfaction derived from the achievement of their students. From a student’s first pointed tiny tot toe to graduating as an en pointe ballerina the teaching faculty is dedicated to excellence.

Few could understand Matilda’s reason to breathe each day, ballet, like her teachers at Academy. She is able to express her passion for dance with like- minded souls who know her need to never sit still, to hear a piece of music and choreograph a ballet in her head but most importantly to dream. To dream of one day becoming the prima ballerina and to know that you can because your teachers believe in you and have the knowledge and experience to get you there.

If you could describe Academy Ballet in one sentence to a friend what would you say?

What I love about Academy Ballet is that it is all inclusive, in that, the teachers will strongly encourage those dancers who have the talent and drive, without neglecting those who are there for the sheer joy of dance.

If you were trying to convince a mother of a 3years old to start ballet, what would you say?

I would encourage any mother who sees a love of dance in her son or daughter to send them to Academy Ballet, even as a three year old. There is little more pleasure for a young person than learning to dance with a dose of discipline, dedication and fun which are quietly incorporated into the classes, skills that serve well in all areas of life.

Can you give me an example of a time when we have exceeded your expectations? (if we have!!!)

Your commitment to diversity is something that exceeds my expectations in an art form that has been behest to a convention that should have been moved on from by now. Your diverse range of body types, religious garments, ethnic backgrounds and dancers who don’t fit the ballerina mould but whom are embraced for their tremendous talent will ultimately prove you to be a leader in breaking new ground in the ballet world. You will be looked back upon as an innovator of change which will spearhead a welcomed new outlook of what constitutes beauty in dance.

What is ONE thing you hope NEVER changes about Academy Ballet?

I would never like to see Academy Ballet lose sight of its proud history of producing more than ‘just dancers’ that they continue to send young people into the world with a sense of dignity, honour, self-respect and a rich and well-balanced sense of self-worth and pride.