Why did you choose to come to Academy Ballet?

Identity – a sense of history; a feeling of belonging to an established part of the Sydney ballet world; an appreciation of tradition; a sense of community

Quality – quality teaching; safe and respectful environment; high standards; attention to detail; supportive environment; focus on excellent technique and “the basics”

Joy – a delight in all movement; a sense of fun; performance is valued (without sacrificing technique); a commitment to friendships and working together as one.

If you could describe Academy Ballet in one sentence to a friend what would you say?

A traditional ballet school that cares about the wellbeing of its students, creating a family of exceptional dancers who love to perform and bring joy to their audience.

If you were trying to convince a mother of a 3years old to start ballet, what would you say?

For their sons:
Ballet offers boys an opportunity to develop strength, stamina, flexibility, and power. It provides a caring and open environment for boys to experience and fall in love with dance – developing their sense of musicality, coordination and team work. Ballet has been shown to give boys a set of basic skills and physical attributes that helps them perform in all other sports, including cricket, football and basketball, as well as developing their self-esteem and confidence.

And of course, they’re surrounded by admiring girls!

Can you give me an example of a time when we have exceeded your expectations? (if we have!!!)
Academy Ballet is inclusive in its approach to teaching; caring for all children, not just those who perform at the highest standards. It considers the needs of the individual child, without compromising on the tradition and self-discipline inherent in the world of classical dance.

What is ONE thing you hope NEVER changes about Academy Ballet?

The sense of tradition and the value of technical training (ie. not Dance Moms style!)