So iso.

There’s actually parts I really love!

Slowing down, love!!!

Reading lots of books, yes!!!!

Having the time to cook, yum and yay!!!!

But I’m drained!

I keep reading that introverts are the experts on iso. And if I lived on my own that might be true. But I don’t, I live with with humans 24 hours a day. Do you know how long 24 hours with humans is??? Like 1000 hours at least.

I’m an introvert (much to most people’s shock probably). I find humans exhausting. I genuinely need hours & hours on my own everyday to have the energy to deal with humans. Including my own family…

So being stuck together all day everyday is literally suffocating me.

Draining me.

When this started, I thought poor extroverts. How are they going to cope? But then, during is they have people captured in their houses and around all them all the time and in such close proximity. It could literally be heaven. Maybe not the variety to humans they want but humans! So close. All the time.


Introverts gain energy from being on their own and I have not had any alone time.
I’m getting an introvert hangover (and no, that’s not just from the wine). It’s a thing.

I enjoy my own company. Pondering the world on my own. Spending time on my business. Reading. I look inward for company more often than outwards. I enjoy being in my own skin and in my own head.

So, even though things are opening slowly around us (Ash even went to school for a day), I’m implementing a new plan to preserve my energy strategy:

  1. Get up before others in my house (hahaha!!! That’s not going to happen!)
  2. Stay up later than everyone in my house (who am I kidding that ain’t happening either)

Yep, not a good start. I’m reversing that.

  1. Wake up but stay in bed reading so no one knows I’m awake.
  2. Go to bed soon after Ash & space out on my own (no phone allowed…a book at most).
  3. Go for a walk on my own for at least half an hour.
  4. Have long showers & baths (with a lock on the door cos we all know how kids suddenly NEED you when you’re in the bathroom)
  5. Start physically going to work when no one else is there for me time (that’s where I am right now, its actually heaven…even though I’m hold to Telstra and have been for over an hour)

Any other ideas welcome…..