Does your husband sometimes say something and you just have no clue what they mean?

Like Australianisms or every just husbandisms

Like, can you get the dead horse? What!

So when my husband coined the phrase ‘pineapple Fridays’ I had no idea what he was talking about.

You see we’d gone to our local pub a few Friday’s in a row (preCovid of course, goes without saying now really). We’d had burger & chips with a drink. Him, beer. Me, grey goose, soda and fresh lime. And he comes out with ‘this is our new tradition, pineapple Friday’

Apparently, Fifty dollars notes are pineapples. And apparently our lunches over the last few weeks had managed to get change from a pineapple and thus it was born.

So now every Friday we have Pineapple Friday.🍍

It’s a non-negotiable. (In fact, last year we only missed 2 – once when I was in hospital and once for the ballet concert weekend cos that takes over life…)

And today, a dear friend that I hadn’t see for ages asked me for lunch. It’s the first day we could have lunch in months but I said no. And I said no because pineapple Friday is important.

It’s important because we make time for each other. It’s actually quite nice to be made a priority in someone’s week. And it’s nice to prioritise someone else.

We check in with each other. And even though we live together and right now are spending waaaaay too much time together at the moment, this time is spent more meaningfully and with a better connection.

No matter how crazy our weeks get we both have this time blocked out in our diaries. It matters. And it makes me feel good.

And today it was just Mr Crackles as a picnic on the floor but it was great. (I mean who doesn’t love pork crackling…..!).

So, what is your non-negotiable Pineapple Friday time with your partner?

PS. photo is pre-Covid when I actually bothered to get dressed…..