(I wrote this 5 days ago….I’m still controlling what I control and am about to transition our whole studio online!)

One of the most common thing people say to me is ‘you’re so calm’.

Whereas I actually think I am not calm at all. The planning I have going on in my head at any given moment is epic. Like next level…but I think its that planning that gives me control.

I know that I can control certain things and anything outside of that is not in my control & therefore should not consume me.

The Coronavirus is the perfect example.

I can’t control what is happening around me. We don’t know what’s happening! We haven’t faced anything like this. There is information and so much misinformation that we are confused.

Our government isn’t showing great leadership.

People are hoarding like crazy.

There aren’t many definitive answers out there.

I usually have a great deal of control in my business however at the moment, I am at the mercy of school’s remaining open and parent’s choosing to continue to send their kids to us.

How long will this pandemic last? How long can I afford to pay my overheads if we are forced into lockdown? What can I do if we can’t run classes face-to-face? All things I CANNOT control!

So at a time like this I control what I can.

Making a Plan B – I am planning how I run my business and give value to my students & families whilst still paying my staff. It might not be a perfect model but it will get us through a short amount of time and that helps me sleep!

Controlling what I eat – choosing to eat healthily. Supermarkets are running out of everyday things but fresh fruit & veg are in stock in my local. So I am making sure I eat well. (and is it just me or is anyone kind of looking forward to seeing what they can create out of the deepest, darkest realms of the pantry & freezer?)

Controlling my leadership – for my family, for my students, for my customers – demonstrating good behaviour, kindness and giving joy. Thinking before I speak and displaying calmness.

Choosing what I read/watch and HOW much I read/watch – last Thursday I read & watched a lot so I could control my surroundings and take appropriate measures in my studio but that night I slept so badly. Friday, I had a ban on anything that wasn’t Netflix and my mental health was substantially better. Its a mind field out there. Mute conversations on WhatsApp groups. Turn off social media. Block crazy friends. And only binge watch worthy tv shows like Friends and Buffy.

Understanding my emotions & reactions – practicing mindfulness and applying my values to this situation helps calm me. My overriding value in life is quality time with my family….and a potential lockdown will make that happen. Going out less is certainly giving us more time as a family. (I’ll point out here as well, not taking other people’s emotions or reactions on board….as they are probably skewed right now).

Cleaning my house – how satisfying is cleaning out a cupboard? Is anyone else becoming a domestic goddess!

I want to empower you (one of my other biggest values in life) to be in control and not operating from a position of fear. Know what you control and be in control.