Why did you choose to come to Academy Ballet?

Variety of dance styles.
Teaching staff with qualifications and experience and in teaching.
Classes are held in one studio with flooring and equipment that is safe.

What is something that Academy Ballet offers you that you feel you wouldn’t get anywhere else? (can be physical, a feeling or a service etc)

Sinead you are able to bring the students and teachers together to achieve not only their own personal goals but also the studios goals and direction. This is reflected through the accomplishments of your students in eisteddfods, end of year concert and in their everyday life. The studios positive inclusive culture has developed strong positive relationships in the students with each other but also with the teachers who they respect., but also they know that each teacher has a genuine interest in their work and this shows in the responsive actions of the students.
I have come across former students and parents who attended Academy Ballet and a common factor in the conversation about the studio is the positive inclusive environment created by you. Having you and the many wonderful teachers be part of our children’s daily life is exposing them to positive and strong role models that influences and enriches their lives now and for their futures not only in dance but many other aspects.

If you could describe Academy Ballet in one sentence to a friend what would you say?

Academy Ballet has a professional teaching staff with extensive knowledge not only in dance and the correct techniques, but understand that each child is individual and that learning varies a each different developmental stage of a child’s growth. Which is reflected in teaching styles that are not one-dimensional but have many facets to capture and draw out the best from each child.

If you were trying to convince a mother of a 3years old to start ballet, what would you say?

Dance is a wonderful way for children to develop both physiologically and psychologically. Development of skills in movement, coordination and spatial awareness though dance movements, the negotiating of social skills in developing friendships and following instructions. But most importantly having fun and being in a safe learning environment.

Can you give me an example of a time when we have exceeded your expectations? (if we have!!!)

2015, the support shown to former students who had lost family members. Shows that once an Academy Ballet student always part of the Academy Ballet community.

What is ONE thing you hope NEVER changes about Academy Ballet?

The open communication and professional management.