Why did you choose to come to Academy Ballet?

Originally it was because it was convenient (next door to Lexine’s infants school and down the road from our home) but I guess we still choose AB as we really like the disciplined and structured way the studio is managed. You can tell from the way the students dance that they get high quality tuition.

How did you first hear about Academy Ballet? (for some of you that might be a while ago!!)

It was originally in the French School next door to Lexine’s infants school (Maroubra Junction) and down the road from our home. If I remember correctly, I used to see the sign when I went past every day.

What is something that Academy Ballet offers you that you feel you wouldn’t get anywhere else? (can be physical, a feeling or a service etc)

The teaching styles are flexible and adaptive and the students receive an overall higher standard of dance tuition which is obvious when you compare their dance technique and ability with peers from other studios.

It is also managed in a professional and disciplined manner which suits the styles of dance taught, and has done so for years. Therefore, credit is due to the current management which continued the business and built on the foundations set by the former director Mrs Kuner, of course.

And accessibility (to teaching and admin staff) and service is important. By that I mean if I have a question (or several, which is more likely in my case as I have limited background knowledge), I pretty much get a prompt response.

If you could describe Academy Ballet in one sentence to a friend what would you say?

Academy ballet is a well managed, disciplined dance studio that teaches a variety of dance styles and produces talented students.

If you were trying to convince a mother of a 3years old to start ballet, what would you say?

I would say something like “Your child will love learning ballet in a positive, caring and fun environment”. I would also invite them to visit the studio perhaps during Open Week to observe the workings of your studio (you probably already do this for the younger years!).

Can you give me an example of a time when we have exceeded your expectations? (if we have!!!)

The professionalism of the end of year productions year after year.

What is ONE thing you hope NEVER changes about Academy Ballet?

That’s obvious! – the end of year concert!!!!!
This is where all the hard work and discipline definitely pays off.