Why did you choose to come to Academy Ballet?

We chose Academy Ballet as it came across as a professional/ well-known school.

What is something that Academy Ballet offers you that you feel you wouldn’t get anywhere else? (can be physical, a feeling or a service etc)

I feel Alberta will be able to progress to a professional level of Ballet and/or other dance if she chooses too. I prefer the structured classes over dress up classes ( in the preschool age bracket) due to the coordination and focus she practices each class.

If you could describe Academy Ballet in one sentence to a friend what would you say?

I would describe A/B as professional, structured and a family business.

If you were trying to convince a mother of a 3years old to start ballet, what would you say?

I would share the benefit of their child attending a class, whether it be making new friends, developing physical & cognitive ability and being in a dynamic environment which encourages self-confidence.

Can you give me an example of a time when we have exceeded your expectations? (if we have!!!)

Each class… Getting Alberta to listen and follow instructions!

What is ONE thing you hope NEVER changes about Academy Ballet?

I hope it stays strict with uniform and continues the professional standards it portrays.