If you’re anything like me you’re a walking poster for all the things you probably should have achieved in iso…
Write that book
Get super fit
Learn to knit
Start an online business (well I kind of did one but out of necessity rather than motivation)
Nope, nope & nope.

In fact, iso has taught me I’d be an obese alcoholic without work & life.

Now as we awaken from this slumber, I’ve decided this is the moment to implement the stuff, the plans, the change I want to be & see.

But they’re probably not as proactive as you’d think they might (I’m not becoming a work-batcher, a multi-tasker or sticking to the pomodoro technique).

I intend to get what I want out of life and achieve my goals by living intentionally in the least un-busy way I can.

The first one is the exact opposite of busy.

I’ve run into a few mums at the school gates recently and we’ve discussed whilst there were moments we definitely wanted to kill our kids, having the time & space with them was amazing. Having time and space generally was luxurious.

So, slowing down is my first priority.

Not being busy but being productive.

Not working all the time but being present where I am.

And slowing down, saying ‘no, that doesn’t serve me’ or just ‘no, I don’t want to’.

Try it, it’s truly liberating.

During iso, the thing I missed most was my alone time.

So the second thing I’m doing is spending hours on my own and loving it! Consciously being appreciative of my alone time and using it how I want…from binge watching Dynasty to overhauling my business & anything and everything in the middle.

I will spend hours each day on my own and I will love it.

And the last thing I missed, was spending time with my parents. I’m a sook. I see my parents everyday of the week. We meet for coffee before Ash goes to school everyday and we have roast lamb (with Edgell’s peas) every Sunday at mum & dads. I have always loved this time but hadn’t actually considered the time when this won’t or can’t happen.

So my third thing, is consciously soaking up this time I have. I am ridiculously fortunate that I have both my parents living in the same suburb as me and that I like them (& that they like me too!). And I’m intentionally going to love that.
So my post-iso life looks like this

  1. Slow down
  2. Have sinead time
  3. Be conscious of time with my family

I know these sound inordinately selfish but too often I look after others at my expense & find myself pouring from an empty cup so to speak.

I really believe if my life looks like this I will be a better person, mum, wife, sister, daughter, business owner, mentor and teacher.

What does your post-iso life look like?