Life can be tough. And sometimes you just don’t want to adult.

Right now, I reeeaalllly want to be on a plane to exotic Greek Islands….thanks Corona.
I don’t want to want to be stuck here (though I am eternally grateful for the our country’s response to Coronavirus, that we are healthy & getting through this).

So instead of thinking about where I could be, I am choosing to celebrate the little things that I like about being an adult.

So here are the little things I appreciate about being an adult

  1. That I don’t have a bedtime (that even if I did I’d probably be in bed before that time…)
  2. Being able to drive. I seriously love driving
  3. And on driving, that I can choose what I listen to when I’m driving
  4. Alcohol
  5. That I can afford to buy good alcohol
  6. You have a house where you’re the boss, you choose whats in the fridge and whats on the walls
  7. You learn the power of no!!! (god I wish someone taught me that earlier)
  8. You’re a little bit wiser
  9. FOMO is over….hands up anyone who is now actually suffering from FOGO
  10. Having veto power on the tv
  11. That if I wanted to I could buy a whole cake and eat with a spoon without cutting it

So I am appreciating this instead of thinking about a Greek Island my name on it…..